The Story

“One of the finest discs released this year…” – The Aquarian Weekly
“…simply kick-ass album.” – Jersey Beat

“…loud, catchy American pop-rock at its best.” –

“Atmospheric indie folk with power pop leanings”

Gerry at the Court Tavern with Akasa

As an integral part of the New Brunswick, NJ indie rock scene in the mid 90’s to early 00’s, Gerry has had success both as a frontman and as a sideman. By playing in such notable acts as A Halo Called Fred, Catherine Moon and finally fronting Akasa, Gerry experienced all the joys and disappointments that happen when navigating the indie rock landscape. Playing festivals such as the CMJ Music Marathon, Independent Music Fest, opening for national acts (King Missile, Ween), releasing albums and rocking out in clubs like Maxwell’s, Mercury Lounge and The Stone Pony kept Gerry incredibly busy, but loving every minute of it. As a frontman in Akasa, Gerry garnered rave reviews in the media, online and with his fans. They were featured artists on CMJ Network’s, and  Their song, “The Messenger” outranked close to 20,000 songs by making to the top 10 on Garageband’s Alternative Charts. Akasa also shared megabyte space on early 00’s Artist Amplification compilation CDs, alongside future shooting indie rock stars, The Strokes, Val Emmich, Longwave and Ben Kweller.

These days, Gerry still plays the dual role of frontman and sideman. Since 2002, he has toured across the U.S. as a solo acoustic artist in such cities as Seattle, Los Angeles, NYC, San Diego and Chicago. Recently recording for San Diego indie label, Starving Dog Records, Gerry worked with NJ producers, The Churchills (Alicia Keys, The Crayons, Robert Randolph) in 2008. Since late 2008, he has also performed regularly with talented NYC songwriter, Lisa Bianco as a guitarist and backup vocalist. Sometimes performing as a full band, sometimes as an acoustic duo, but always on point. Highlights include performing at the 2008 CMJ Music Marathon and sharing the stage with 90’s alt rocker, Patti Rothberg.

To top it off, Gerry has also run a successful graphic/web  design and marketing company, Perlinski Design, since 2000. “Balancing a career as an indie rocker as well as business owner can be tough” says Perlinski, “especially when you’re on the road, but with the internet and cell phones it’s getting a lot easier.” Writing and recording are at the top of his list of musical priorities for 2009, so look out for new tracks in the upcoming months as well as performances in respected venues across the U.S.

Equiptment - 1970′s Framus acoustic, 90′s Fender Lonestar Stratocater, Roland JC120, Expandora distortion, Big Muff, Danelectro Tremelo, MXR Phase 90, elbow grease

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